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Ashtanga yoga is a system of yoga transmitted to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009). This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures—a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. (


Intense Cardio Plyometrics meshed with hatha yoga postures and creative sequences. It is a free-spirited class to release “the blues” and increase energy. Background is assisted with loud music, bass, and catchy rhythms.


Soothing class with tons of floor poses, pranayama cues, and inserts of core and hip work. Practitioners will hold the stretches and engage muscles that are under the superficial body for 1-2 minutes. This class is wonderful for students that want to strengthen the sacrum area from pregnancy, diastasis recti, uterine prolapse. Soothing eclectic music will guide the tempo of the class.

HOT Yoga

Skip the warm-up and walk into a preheated room, 95-98 degrees. The structure of KIMYB Hot classes are Vinyasa style. It is a creative hour, full body flow. Standing postures build core strength, promote breathing and builds confidence. Take your time in this class, it gradually becomes warmer with body heat. Hydrate before and after.

Intro Chill Flow

New to Yoga? Begin your time on the mat in this supportive format. This class is conducted in a slow to moderate pace with the use of props and modifications. Half of the class uses the wall for wall assisted yoga sequences for assistance in proper alignment, steady transitions from pose to pose and support. Great class for Beginners to try!

Inner Fire

The core is the powerhouse of your being.  Core strength builds stability and maintains balance physically & energetically.  Inner Fire will stoke the flames in the core through a combination of breathwork, core-focused asanas & high intensity movements.  Focusing on all the layers of the abdominal muscles in order to allow flexibility. These strengthening and flexibility movements increases the quality of each breath you take and provides prana (breath) to nourish your body and soul.

Morning Mantra Soul Flow

This is an all levels class designed to cultivate awareness from the inside out. Four components are taught during class. Meditation, to set an intention for practice. Mantra,is incorporated during the Movement (flow) portion of class as a way to encourage focus while practicing. Props, such as blocks, straps and bolsters are offered to help encourage muscle relaxation and free flowing movement. Mudra (hand placement) is offered throughout class to teach specific ways to place hands and fingers, cultivating deeper physical, mental and heartfelt awareness. The class will end with a deep relaxation & body scan, to allow the physical benefits of the practice to infuse the body and settle the mind. Participants will leave feeling calm, confident and ready for the day. A water bottle is recommended.

Relief Props & Stretch

Moderately paced hour with deep poses to address soreness, chronic movements of the body (occupation, lifestyle), and prior injuries.   Each pose will provide a release, relief and the ultimate stretch to muscles, ligaments and tendons.   Breathing technique, posture and alignment is emphasized with yoga blocks, bolsters, straps, props and instructor assistance.  

Slow Flow

Vinyasa hour holding the asanas longer than usual. Instructors assist students with corrections, modification and low impact options to transition from one pose to the next. Prepare to be still and do not quit too soon. The body is engaged the entire class with posing, focusing and helpful direction from your trained instructors. Take advantage to try new methods, ask questions, and be curious about movements on the yoga mat.

Tibetan Detox Flow

This class fuses the Five Tibetan Rites and vinyasa yoga which emphasizes a continuous sequence of movement with static asanas. This detox flow will increase energy, calm the mind, and strengthen the body & core. The room will be hot to enhance the cleansing effect of this rejuvenating practice.

*Please NOTE the YOGA Studio temperatures can range from 78-90 degrees based on the class type, structure and weather conditions.*


Moving and Breathing unite . Movement is conducted as a “freestyle” or “creatively sequenced” by the instructor to set a mood, focus on an area of the body or both. Prepare to experience new asanas and try moving your body in new angles and order.

Restorative Relax Heavily Meditated

YIN Flow

Refreshing hour that consists of YIN Yoga; resting poses that are based on the floor with deep stretches targeting deep connective tissue.  Focus on hips, lower back, thighs and sacrum area.  YIN practice will be done the beginning and ending of class for twenty minutes each segment.  The middle portion of class will have postures and movement to warm the body. 

Fitness & Wellness Class


A Ballet Infused Sculpt & Tone Class using traditional dance techniques, light weights and exercise supplies.  The cardio element is brought on by continuous, graceful, big movements. Weights are the resistance to countless repetitions burning and sculpting muscles in the torso, back , arms and legs. Posture, core control and technique is taught.  No dance experience needed to enjoy this fun class with fiery music playlists and upbeat instruction. THIS IS NOT a YOGA class.