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Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Level 1 with NICK ATLAS

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Level 1 with DR. NICK ATLAS

Yoga Nidra, or “dynamic sleep,” is a unique approach to deep relaxation, meditation and transformative dreamwork that can be practiced with little or no yogic experience, yet it encompasses the full breadth of yoga psychology and meditative insight. Yoga Nidra is typically ‘delivered’ to a group by a trained instructor, though it may also be employed in a one-on-one setting (e.g., in place of or as an adjunct to counseling, psychotherapy, energy work, etc.) and, ultimately, may become the foundation of your yoga practice and journey of self-discovery.


This comprehensive and nourishing 15-hour teacher training and retreat-style experience will feature gentle movement, breath work, and several opportunities to both receive and guide the immensely restorative, deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra. The training will also feature integrative discussion/Q&A on the philosophy and evidenced-based research supporting the practice, including how it relates to waking, dreaming (e.g., lucid dreaming) and consciousness, healing trauma, releasing anxiety, alleviating insomnia, overcoming nightmares, etc. You will also learn:

·       A succinct yet adaptable method for guiding Yoga Nidra within diverse audiences

·       To integrate Yoga Nidra into yoga classes, schools, health care clinics, private practice, etc.

·       The philosophical foundations of Yoga Nidra, and how it relates to Yoga, Tantra, Buddhism & Transpersonal Psychology

·       How to connect with yourself and others, foster empathy, develop clear boundaries and shed unwanted energies

·       Tools for deepening your own practice, finding your voice, and speaking authentically from your heart

·       To relax more deeply into the present moment, let go of your fears, revitalize yourself and tap into vast creative resources


This program is open to all levels and no experience is needed. All participants will receive a training manual and, upon fulfillment of all course requirements, a certificate of completion for Level I. Yoga Alliance members are eligible to receive 15 hours of CE credit. 


About the presenter:


Nick Atlas, Ph.D., E-RYT 500 is a light-hearted, grounded and accessible meditation instructor specializing in integrative approaches to sleep, dreams, deep relaxation and stress reduction. The Director of Evolutionary Education® and 200-hr Yoga Psychology Teacher Trainings, Dr. Nick also teaches Transpersonal Psychology at Atlantic University and conducts pioneering research on Yoga Nidra and lucid dreaming. He has been practicing and teaching various forms of yoga, qigong, meditation, dreamwork and expressive arts since 1998. For more info, visit